How to Fax From Gmail: Hit Send in Five Minutes or Less

You need to send a fax quickly, so we won’t waste your time. Let’s get right into how to fax from Gmail. We’ve got everything you need here, including a link to the best service for sending faxes this way.

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How to Fax From Gmail: Hit Send in Five Minutes or Less

1. Sign up With a Fax Service

Step one is to sign up with a fax service like RingCentral. They offer a free 30-day trial, so you can’t go wrong here. If you’re in a hurry, simply sign up, send your fax, and then consider the various options for a long-term account later.

Once you sign up with RingCentral, you’ll get your own fax number, which you can use to receive faxes if you need, and you will link your Gmail account. Then you’re ready to roll. This whole step won’t take more than three minutes.

2. Open Your Email and Choose Compose

Open your Gmail account on any device and choose to start a new email. It’s that simple.

3. Address Your Email

Now you need to make sure your fax gets sent to the correct recipient’s fax machine. They should’ve given you a fax number that looks something like this (if they’re in the United States): (111) 222-3333. You will simply put this number in without any of those special characters or spaces and follow it with the suffix that ensures it goes to your fax service. What you put in the To field should look like this:

If you’re sending to an international number, you’ll follow the same protocol. Just add the country code, the area code (if there is one), and the number (with no spaces or special characters of any sort), followed by your fax service suffix. You can send to multiple fax machines at once by simply separating each one with a comma, just as you would send to multiple email addresses.

4. Attach Documents

Now you just attach documents in the same way as you would to any email. You can attach documents from your own computer or any data storage system, like Dropbox. You can attach any type of document, but PDF is usually the best for a fax.

5. Write a Cover Letter

There’s no requirement to send a cover letter, but a cover letter will protect your fax when it arrives at its destination. Say, for example, that you have to send a private medical record to the hospital for review by a certain doctor. A cover letter allows office personnel at the hospital to see who the fax is from and who it should be delivered to while never having to take a look at any of your private information.

To send a cover letter, either choose from one of the many templates provided by your fax service or just type what you want to say into the body of your email (so it’s easy to write and has all the spacing you want), and then cut and paste this into the subject line. Do not leave anything in the body of your email: nothing you leave in the body will get sent. Be sure to put your cover letter into the subject line.

That’s all there is to it! You’re sending a fax, and it took less than five minutes. Next time, it’ll be even quicker now that you know how to do it. Test Drive Our #1 Recommended Choice and Fax Free for 30 Days!

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