How To Send a Google Fax Using Gmail?

How To Send a Google Fax Using Gmail?

When sending a Gmail fax, all you have to do (assuming you already have a Google fax provider) is the following. If you don’t have a Google Fax Number, take a look at the guide below and get yourself one!

Step 1

Open your Gmail Account and click on “Compose”

Step 2

Choose a Web-Based Fax Company for your account. This company will handle your outgoing and incoming faxes for you online.
RingCentral lets you fax free for 30 days in their current promotion

Step 3

Attach any document that you would like to send. (it can be an image, a word document, a txt file. Anything! You can even attach multiple documents at once.

Step 4

Click the “Send” button to send your fax via email.

Best Google Fax Services

Going over every single Google Fax Service out there would take us ages. So instead, we are going to cover what we think are the top 3 best services as of 2017. In the first place, we have everyone’s favorite.
Being one of the oldest players in this game, RingCentral has been able to keep it’s crown as the best online fax service for years. They managed to do so by providing an excellent user experience. Not to mention that their quality – price ratio is the best one out there.

As for their main features, there are a couple that are worth highlighting.

What makes eFax such a great option is its price, a super low fee, for an amazing online faxing volume and a free Google Fax Number, is nothing to look away from. Feel free to get yourself a 30-day trial and test drive eFax service.

eFax main features are:

This one, in particular, is fairly new in the market. Regardless, they know how to do stuff. No other Online Fax Service has the capability of sending or receiving faxes in more than 170 formats, you can literally fax ANYTHING. From images to zip files, the possibilities are endless. They have a fixed International Faxing rate for more than 40 countries and their service is super reliable. Things that you will get if you choose MyFax

How to Get an Online Fax Number

If you happen to have a fax number, and you are receiving your faxes with your fax machine. You might want to consider switching to online faxing. Most online fax service providers prefer setting you up with a new number. 2017 is definitely Online Faxing year. Why? Because of the endless online fax advantages that they include.
Because of that, and many more other benefits, business owners are taking their faxes to the digital era.

How to get a Google Fax Number

1- Research providers

Every other Google Fax Service Provider has its pros and cons.

Some might be cheaper than the other, or the service quality might be better.

Our recommendation of choice is RingCentral Fax, they have been in the game for ages.

Their monthly subscription is fairly cheap, they have an outstanding fax volume, and they offer 24/7 support.

We recommend you that you take a deep look into the “Best Online Fax Services” guide, to see what they all have to offer.

Compare their price and all of the additional features they have to offer.

Some of them will offer a mobile app, which is amazing.

Being able to fax on the go, from anywhere and at anytime it’s a must if you work from home, or if you have a lot of things going on at the same time.

Some others might offer lower international fax rates, which is great if you are working with international clients.

Put everything you learn about the different providers and pick the one that fits your needs the best!

2- Registration incentives

This is not new. All of the services will provide a list of signup incentives.

These sign-up incentives can go from hundreds of free faxes, no international faxing limits, to a couple of months free subscription.

RingCentral will even let you test drive their service for a 30 days period, totally free.

But in the long run, the main goal is always the same, being able to send and receive faxes via Gmail, or any other email service of your choice.

Keeping that in mind, choose the provider that offers the best price-quality ratio and incentives.

If you do not send more than a couple faxes a day, you might even be able to find a service that will let you do that for free, without even needing to sign up.

Others will let you send two or three faxes a day.

But do not get fooled, they won’t give you a Google Fax Number, they will only let you send faxes to a regular fax number.

3 – Register!

Once you finished the research steps, it is time to register.

They will ask to complete a form, with your basic information contact (online form, just thought it would be nice to get that out of the way)

They will most likely send you a confirmation email of some sort.

Once you are done activating your account, you will be able to start using your Google Fax Number.

4 – Test your new number

Remember that we told you there were a couple websites that allowed you to send a couple fax for free a day?

Go back to one of them and try sending a fax to your brand new Gmail Fax Number!

Or you can always ask a friend to send you a test fax.

How to Get a Fax Number

No matter if you need a fax number for your business, or if you need it for personal reasons. Today, we will teach you how to get any type of fax number, that includes local, international, toll-free and online fax number, which is our recommended choice. The fastest way to go is getting a digital fax number. What we recommend is simply signing up with RingCentral Fax, which is one of the most well known online fax number providers, if not the best.

How To Get a Local Fax Number

Most likely you already have a local phone number. You can actually add a fax number to your account by just calling your provider. Ask them to improve your current plan, for one that can hold a fax number in addition to your land line. This is relevant, if and only if, you want to have your fax number separated from your land line. If not, you can use your current landline to send a receive your faxes as well. But what we recommend, if you are planning to send a lot of faxes, is to get a dedicated Google fax number. It’s not really a big deal, it will only add a couple dollars per month on your phone bill. They are usually not expensive at all. You might even be able to get it for free, some local companies will give you a virtual fax number for free. Without needing to install a new line, so you will be getting the new number within minutes. They do that by creating a “dual ring” system. Which is basically having to phone numbers on the same line. Plus, it will automatically split your incoming calls and faxes to either your fax number or your phone number. But for those who are tied to a company that won’t offer a fax plan or a plan expansion, you can always try the methods that we listed below.

How To Get a Toll-Free Fax Number

Toll-free fax numbers are frequently used by businesses that send and receive faxes internationally. The process of getting a toll-free fax number might be a little bit more complicated than acquiring a local fax number. But there is no need to panic.

There are two main options.

  1. Contact your local provider and pay for a toll-free fax number.
  2. Forwarding toll-free number, to redirect your faxes to your new local fax number.

The first option is the most popular one. Get in touch with your local phone provider, and ask for a toll-free fax number

Your phone number will be complemented with your new toll-free number. Something that a lot of people do, is getting a toll-free fax number online. There are many services that could provide you with a solution for that matter.

Take a look at this “Best Online Fax Services” review for deeper information.

How Does Gmail Fax Work?

For those who are curious as of how does it work, it’s pretty simple. This is what happened from start to finish. Once you clicked send, your Gmail fax provider will convert your document to fax format, it doesn’t matter if you have sent a Word document, a Powerpoint, it will get converted, that’s the beauty of online faxing.

Guide To Set Up an eFax

Here is a brief guide on how to set up an eFax with your HP All-in-One

Things you will need

– Make sure your printer has internet access

– Web Service enabled (How to enable Web Service) – >

– ePrint enabled (how enable ePrint) – >

Step 1: Have an online fax service, you can find all of the information regarding online fax services above.

Step 2: Complete all of the information required, such as fax number, name, zipcode etc in the fields provides

Step 3: Agree with terms of use and click OK

And it is done! After a couple minutes your Online Fax Number will get verified and you are free to start sending eFaxes with your HP equipment.

Note that you can also use any existing Google Fax number that you might have.

You can do following this mini-guide.

  1. In your printer screen click on Fax.
  2. Enter your existing Digital Fax number or pin.

And same as before, it will get verified after a couple of minutes so you to start faxing.

How Does Faxing Over The Internet Work?

Digital fax is pretty much the same as regular faxing. Instead of using an old crusty fax machine that requires paper, ink, and maintenance but in a web interface, it is flexible and inexpensive. Virtual Fax Services will assign you a fax number, so you can send and receive faxes to that number via email without the need of a fax machine. This is how it works.

When sending a fax via email:

The person sending the fax will attach a document just like he does on a regular email, this can be a Microsoft Word document, a PowerPoint, or even a scan of a paper. They will address the message to your fax number instead of your email address, followed by the faxing service domain eg: The service will automatically translate, or transform the attachment so the fax machine can understand it. Later on, the data travels across the phone line and in the other end, the recipient’s fax machine decodes the data printing the new fax.

Receive a fax from a traditional fax machine using an Internet Fax Service:

The sender dials the number that you were assigned. The machine decodes the data and resends sends it over the phone line. Your fax service will receive the data, decoding it and translating it into an image file that will be sent to your email address. Now the recipient can open up his email and read the message and the attached file.

Why is Online Fax the Future?

In 2017, most people do not own a fax machine, but they still need to get their faxes out somehow. You can always go the not-so-easy route and go to the nearest FedEx, or Staples, but going back and forward every day takes time, and not to mention money. Plus you have to stay there a couple extra minutes, just to confirm that the machine on the other end received the document you just sent.

Thankfully, there are services out that that allow you to send faxes from your computer, without the need of paper or ink.

For those who send faxes on a daily basis, these are the most well known and trusty options.

You can either keep your existing fax number, or you can get a new one.

After you are done and you have your new (or old) fax number working with your online fax provider, you are ready to send and receive Google faxes via Gmail.

Fax To Email, Email To Fax

All of the major Fax Services, allow you sending and receiving faxes through any email service (we recommend Gmail). Since you can check your emails on any device, you don’t actually need to be in your office or workspace. You can do it on the go, from anywhere at any time. It’s the first step to go eco-green, and have a paperless office. Doesn’t matter if it is RingCentral Fax, eFax or MyFax, they will allow you to send images and documents attached on your fax as if they were scanned by an old-fashioned fax machine. Which is amazing, because of digital signatures and editable PDFs.

And if for some reason, you need to get any of the faxes printed, you can use the scanner that you already have at your office to do so.

Or simply take a picture with your phone and send it to your computer.

Virtual Fax Features

You will save a lot of money.

The cost of paper, ink, maintenance, phone lines and toners make traditional faxing way more expensive than Google Faxing. It does not matter if you are a big, or a small business owner, virtual faxing will save you a lot of money. A fax machine will cost you about $200 to $350, add that to all the things we mentioned before, and the money you will be saving will increase immensely. But being subscribed to a Google Fax Service will cost you around $5 to $30 a month, depending on your needs.


Digital Faxing lets you send and receive faxes just using your Gmail account (or any other email service, like Outlook). It is as simple as receiving your faxes attached in the email, just like an rdinary email you can download, re-send it or print it. It doesn’t matter the format, it can be  PDF, a Word Document, a Powerpoint, an image… You name it, it can be faxed. And of course being able to manage your faxes at any given time from your mobile device.

Digital Signatures

This is one, if not the most important feature, why fax is still relevant and used these days. Despite the fact that everything happens online, your virtual faxes can hold a signature. This is especially good if you work on the medical or legal environment.


  • Snap
  • Attach
  • Send!

Do I need to say more? Is super easy to use, no paper jams, no more ink/toner issues.


When receiving a high volume of faxes every day, it is easy for you to lose a couple in the process. Or even finding the right one on a big pile of stacked fax sheets could be a total waste of time. This will no longer be an issue. You can print only the faxes that must be printed. And you can keep the other ones organized online, you can even add categories and labels to them, to make things easier. That way you can keep track the faxes that are really important.

Online Fax is Way More Secure

Virtual Fax is more secure because all of the faxes are encrypted. All the big providers use OpenSSL encryption or a similar one. Plus, when you get your faxes via email, they are bound to be more secure. Everyone knows that Google, won’t make a mailing service like Gmail insecure.

What is Online Faxing

Online faxing is a pretty new faxing method, it is significantly faster than the traditional method, and it’s much more convenient.

Digital Faxing allows you to send and receive faxes via email, using attachments.

We went through the process before, long story short, attachments sent from an email provider to a fax number will automatically be converted to a fax document.

But first things first,  you need an online fax service to start online faxing.

I can name a couple of the big names in the electronic fax industry, like RingCentral, eFax, MyFax, but keep in mind that there are small local providers that will get the job done as well.

What are you waiting for?

Test Drive Our Recomended Choice!

Do I Have To Change My Current Fax Number?

Most definitely NO, they will allow you to maintain the fax number you are currently using when switching to online fax. Because it makes the transition much easier. Depending on the company, you might have to pay a small fee for it.

Some others include it in the signup incentives or in the final pricing.

One Online Faxing Plan for multiple users.

Having Gmail Fax service comes with several hidden benefits, sharing a fax account being one of them. Digital Fax Services, will give you somewhere between 2 to 10 emails on a single account When setting up the service, you will notice that they will give you the option to designate multiple emails. And for each email address that you added, you will get a copy of fax delivered to them.

Send Multiple Documents at Once.

If your business has a big faxing volume, and you need to send several documents at the same time, you will be glad to know that most Gmail Fax services let you attach more than a couple files to a single fax. You can do so, by attaching multiple files when creating the email you want to be sent.