Google fax in 6 easy steps…great!

By Matt Gerchow

By Matt Gerchow

Do you need to send a fax from Gmail?

This is the right place!  You can be setup in the next few minutes.

Here’s what you need to send faxes from Gmail.

1. Gmail account.    Virtual email from Google.
2. Online fax number.   Virtual phone number for sending and receiving documents.

Google Fax in Six Easy Steps

Step 1.    Sign up for an email address with Gmail.

Step 2.    Select an internet based fax company to process your faxes.

RingCentral lets you try it free for 30-days with no commitments.

Make sure you enter your gmail account when they ask for an email account.

So on to step 3…

Step 3.    Once you are logged into your Gmail account, go ahead and click the Compose Email button over on the top left.

Step 4.    Where you would normally enter the To: email, you enter the persons fax number followed the extension…like this:

Sample Fax Email

Step 5. Add anything you want on the cover sheet within the subject of the email. Then attach whichever document, file or picture you want to send as a fax.

You can also type in the body of the email… like this.


Step 6. Go ahead and click the Send button and your all set. That’s it!

Good enough, your first Google fax is out!

Oh, there’s one more thing. You may have heard that you can send or receive faxes for free. That may be possible using two different services, or from letting them put ads on your fax. It just gives off the wrong impression from the very start.

Don’t do that!

Faxing like a real business is only a few bucks a month, especially when you compare it to the cost of having a second phone line, a fax machine, paper, toner and everything else.

When a service comes out that DOES send and receive for free, I will be the first to tell you about it.

Google Fax

– Test Drive RingCentral and Fax Free for 30 Days!

Google Glass Now Welcoming Developers

googleglasspicGoogle recently revealed its new Glass Development Kit at a Glass hackathon event. The event was designated to welcome developers to start creating new apps for its Google Glass technology. The development kit will provide developers with access to elements of Glass that were previously unavailable. Developers will now be able to create Glass apps that will be able to work offline, in total real time, and still make use of the Google Glass GPS and hardware.

Google’s senior developer advocate addressed the group present at the event, sharing that even though Google hasn’t made it easier to install apps on Glass, statistics have shown that around 83 percent of all Glass owners have at least one app installed. Having access to the be able to use on a daily basis for work or personal endeavors. Previously, developers were only allowed to develop Glass apps with the Mirror API, which didn’t have as many programming options available.

There were also several companies present at the Glass hackathon event. The goal was to provide a demo for some of the apps that they had built with early access to the new development kit. One Glass app known as Word Lens allows for users to translate printed words as they view them, replacing them with words from the targeted language. Although the app wasn’t perfect and may not work with all fonts, it demonstrated the amount of potential and array of options that are available to those who are utilizing Glass and also making use of the new development kit in the future. Glass owners will be able to install new apps created from the development kit as early as today.

How to Speed up Gmail Message Delivery

gmailSome users have reported that their Gmail runs very slowly or doesn’t allow them to view attachments. More often than not, this isn’t an issue associated with the network connection, but rather an issue with other programs that may be running at the same time or even browser extensions. More specifically, some antivirus and security programs have been known to slow Gmail down. If security software has always been used on the computer, then it may be a sign that something else is responsible for the hiccups in Gmail; however, if the antivirus or security software is a new addition, it may be a good idea to turn it off temporarily and check how this affects the connection.

Using browser extensions and add-ons have also been known to slow down Gmail and hinder its proper function. If users have installed any new browser extensions lately, they should disable Cialis them according to order of installation and check to see if the mail process speeds up. It is fairly common for users to discover that they need to disable a new browser extension or replace it with a more updated version. Assuming these options don’t work, users may also want to consider clearing the browser cache.

Checking the task manager is another means of figuring out why Gmail is running slow. Depending on the browser that is in use, there may be other programs running on the computer that are absorbing all of the memory needed for the email process. Users can force close any suspected programs that may be conflicting with Gmail and check for an improvement in speed. Typically, users that follow one or more of these suggestions find that their Gmail speed increases dramatically and greatly impacts the overall performance of the email process.

Gmail App Gets an iPad Upgrade

gmailforipadA new Gmail for iPad upgrade has been released to Apple users. Although the app originally had a slow start and gained a lot of questionable feedback, it seems to have finally managed to harness the full power of the iPad. The greatest feature that has been added to the app is the navigation panel on the left size, as well as a series of views that can be used to provide streamlined, efficient email interaction. Although the Gmail app lacks the functionality to connect accounts other than Google accounts, it’s a great option for loyal Gmail users.

For those who use Gmail as their only email service, the Gmail app is the most highly recommended option. It provides access to many of the features of Gmail that cannot typically be accessed from the regular can try out the navigation tools in landscape mode and then use the full screen mode in portrait for a more elegant effect. Google has also updated the app to match up more noticeably with the theme of iOS 7. Although the changes are subtle, they make the app feel more customized to the user experience and almost make it feel like this is a completely different app from the original Gmail for iPad app released previously.

This is also an ideal option for those who rely on Gmail on a regular basis for business and personal use. Being able to access Gmail more effectively from the app on iPad ensures that users never have to miss out on an email or scramble for Gmail access on their other devices due to the app glitching out. There have not been any bugs reported on the app thus far, making it a stable upgrade to the Gmail experience.

Apple Issues Mavericks Update for Gmail

Icon-GmailApple’s latest OS X 10.9 Mavericks update was released in the past few days to address problems that some people were experiencing with their mail. The company released a free patch to address and fix the problems that were related to the Apple Mail app, as well as Gmail accounts. Some of the most common issues reported included unread message tallies disappearing and some mail being unintentionally duplicated. Other issues associated with Gmail prior to the update included an issue that prevented users from being able to move, delete, and archive messages if they have their own custom settings. The latest patch brings additional improvements to stability and compatibility, which should provide users with a more consistent and reliable Gmail experience during usage.

Although the update has been working for some people, it has brought its own share of issues and problems. There are many individuals who are trying to determine if accepting the Mavericks update to fix their Apple Mail and Gmail accounts is worth some of the other technical issues that are present with the release of the new patch. However, reports show that most people have ultimately opted to make use of the update because they rely greatly on email as a method of communication.

As a whole, the update does manage to bring life back to Gmail for Apple users, who previously found themselves unable to fully access the functions that most users rely upon for communication. Currently, it is unknown if there will be further patches in the future to address some of the other glitches that are present with the Mavericks update. There have been claims that there are Mavericks patches on the way for options such as iBooks and Safari, though nothing else has been slated for updates to Gmail or Apple Mail.

Improve Your Productivity with Gmail

Super_Gmail_Logo1If you’re one of the many people who deal with a hectic schedule and rely greatly on the use of your email for communication, you may want to consider learning how to utilize Gmail more towards your own advantage. Here’s some tips you can use to make your Gmail experience more efficient and gain more free time to pursue your goals.

Allow Gmail to prioritize your inbox
The amount of time that is spent trying to sort through email to find the most important information usually outweighs the amount of time spent reading those important emails. The best way to ensure that your time in your inbox is spent more efficiently is to allow for Gmail to automatically prioritize your inbox for you instead.

Get a professional email address
Having a professional email address can be crucial for individuals who are seeking to provide the best impression for their business endeavors. Making use of Google Apps for Business provides users with a customized email and many other perks for a low, affordable price.

Learn how to send fax
The ability to send fax from your Gmail account is one of the most convenient options available when you need to send documents securely and quickly. Gmail’s ability to combine seamlessly with the internet fax industry ensures that you will never have to deal with the hassle of using a traditional fax machine ever again.

Send pre-written responses
If you tend to receive a lot of the same inquiries on a regular basis, you may want to consider making use of the canned responses feature provided with Gmail. This option can save you a lot of time by ensuring that you don’t have to use your free time writing personalized messages to answer some of those more frequently asked questions.

Faxing through Gmail

Businesses are always seeking a way to optimize and further improve their overall productivity. Perhaps one of the easiest ways that this can be accomplished is by focusing on the ways that most businesses use to communicate and transmit sensitive documents. Typically, this is done with the use of faxing. However, as technology is only proving to become more elaborate and sophisticated as time progresses, it is becoming increasingly clear that the fax machines of the past are no longer suited to meet the correspondence needs of the future. As a result, businesses that are seeking to expand on their current correspondence format may want to consider upgrading to the alternative of faxing through Gmail.

Google has become an internationally recognized name for technology and informational services. The company has literally redesigned the way that individuals communicate and interact with each other via the Internet. One such way that Google has applied this towards business technology can be found in the ability to send faxes through Gmail. Individuals who have accounts with some of the popular online Internet fax services can now utilize their email to send and receive faxes much quicker than the traditional method ever could accomplish. This eliminates the inconvenience of having to wait forever for a fax to arrive or wondering if that initial fax was ever sent correctly.

In contrast, Internet fax services which are enabling individuals to send a fax from virtually anywhere are also providing services which ultimately save businesses and consumers from overspending on faxing. Businesses would typically have to pay high prices for an additional phone line suitable for faxing, while consumers would need to pay equally high prices for each page that they transmitted from the local fax business. As an alternative, most Internet fax services offer plans that are low and affordably priced; some have even offered rates as low as ten dollars a month. For businesses that are seeking to become more cost efficient and truly optimize their services towards a higher level of productivity, upgrading to faxing through Gmail is the first step towards future success.

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